Authoritative guide on corridor, stair and landing lighting

Some areas of the home will be considered a lot in construction and design, such as living room or bedroom; Then some areas are taken for granted. Your hallways, stairs and landing areas are an important part of your home. If they are poorly lit, your home may look inappropriate.

You may think that your corridor and adjacent areas may need some chandeliers. After all, these are the areas you will pass through, and you will never really spend time in them. However, this is rare.

While chandeliers can provide sufficient lighting for walking through corridors, stairs and landing areas, they will eventually make the space look smaller and make your home feel less valuable. Because people don't realize this, they invest in fancy lighting, but the basic knowledge is incomplete.

So what needs to be considered when illuminating corridors, stairs and landing areas? Let's take it step by step.

How to have a well lit hall?

As usual, when you want to illuminate any area unilaterally, the chandelier will help you. They also offer various advantages. Pendants come in many sizes and shapes, so you can choose the perfect pendant for your home decoration.

With evenly distributed chandeliers, you can ensure that every area of the corridor and landing area is well lit and feels like an important part of your home. But you don't want to fill it with too many pendants.

This is when you can add wall mounted lights with several chandeliers to illuminate the area from all angles. You can choose led filaments for the mounting base because these bulbs will provide soft and warm lighting.

By combining the two types of lights, you can also dim the lobby area at any time by turning off a set of lights. You can choose to open only one set at night, which can provide enough lighting without increasing the electricity bill. During family gatherings, you can turn on all the lights to really illuminate the area.

A bright hall represents a prosperous home. So, don't let your corridor and adjacent lighting come up with it afterwards, and create the perfect combination of pendant and wall hanger.
Authoritative guide for illuminating corridors, stairs and platforms
Hall with key lights

If you like to dim the halls and stairs or play with shadows and accents, you certainly need to go beyond basic pendants and wall hangers.

An interesting idea is to illuminate the corridor on the floor to keep the upper half dark, and anything on the floor is absolutely visible. Therefore, you will be able to ensure that these areas have enough light to function and look like the decorative part of your home.

Then there are smart lights. By using them regularly throughout the lobby and stairs and up to the landing, you can set them to any lighting level you need. You can also add a separate downlight in the center of the corridor to make it have a longer effect. Smart lights can achieve a more personalized lighting style, so you can use them freely and get the perfect feeling you're looking for.

Creating a visually stunning corridor will bring a magnificent atmosphere to your home and always make it feel more spacious. Make sure to plan the decoration of the corridor around your lighting concept, not the opposite.

safety factor

Authoritative guide for illuminating corridors, stairs and platforms

If you have children at home, you may want to know whether having a well lit corridor is the best choice. However, even so, if the lights in the corridor and staircase areas are turned off, accidents may occur at night. By installing battery powered intelligent lighting, you will be able to alleviate your worries once and for all.

These lights can sense movement up to 10 feet and turn on automatically immediately. Therefore, you never have to worry about someone falling from the hall or stairs in the middle of the night.

  1. These lights are also useful when you have a big house that doesn't need lighting everywhere. By installing these, you will not have to consider constantly turning on and off the lights of the whole house.

Add up

Your corridors and adjacent areas, like the rest of your home, need planning to look best. There are many things you can do in the design and lighting types of these areas. By choosing the right lighting, you will feel that your home is more complete.

Whether you are looking for a well lit corridor or a more modern and softer lighting style, there are many choices to choose from. By choosing a combination of different styles, you will be able to give each area a unique feeling and create something that really belongs to you.

Use this blog as a guide to creating a perfect home. Let your imagination flow and use the various types of lighting solutions available to you, rather than adhering to a single style.