Home ingenuity customizes interior space and interprets outstanding home power

"All things have cracks. That's where light comes in." The poems written by Leonard Cohen, a famous poet, are full of wisdom of life. In the home industry, Baichu home also interprets the outstanding power of home design through a series of ingenious customized products with intelligent design concept, comforts the expectation of home with compassionate home, and makes home life a choice of quality.

Looking for the sense of simplicity and elegance from modern space

Customization is a display of personality and an exclusive and unique charm. As a leading customized home furnishing enterprise in the industry, Baichu takes Chinese excellent traditional culture as the leading brand, highlights the difference of design concept, and takes green technology as the wing to lead the development of customized home furnishing trend.

The new Chinese style Yunjian series uses elegant and dusty color matching to build a simple and comfortable home environment with visual effect. The traditional artistic expression of blank space is integrated with the modern simple life concept, coupled with low-key and elegant Chinese elements to improve the texture of the whole home. From a distance, it is the cultural Heritage distributed from inside to outside, and appreciation is the humanistic care of surprise everywhere.

Zhijian Guofeng ink opera series takes ink as a play, meaning the East, expresses free and unrestrained feelings in a minimalist way, reflects the "wandering" attitude and calm mind. The elegant and interesting features on the display cabinet, the noble color matching of Ji red and Ze, and the eye-catching copper chisels of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains all show the collision and integration of traditional art and culture with modern materials, resulting in a harmonious and different visual impact and the beauty of temperament.

The simple style contained in the wood texture of the new Chinese "Chinese Zen" series, the ancient charm of the "Weiyang" series inlaid with copper bars, the freehand brushwork of the "Zhongyin" series on the feelings of Chinese hermits, and so on. All the homes of many series are the quality embodiment of ingenuity and customization.

Enjoy the wisdom of life while pushing cups and changing lamps

Time flows and years are melodious. Time is a song, singing endless long emotions. Time is a pot of wine with endless light mellow fragrance. Whether it's the cooking space of the Chinese style kitchen or the custom-made dining space of the Chinese style kitchen, it can create the quality of the Chinese style food behind the Chinese style food, and pay attention to the craftsmanship of the Chinese style food.

The ingenious customization of drunken flower room II Series for the kitchen restaurant integrates the eastern and Western catering culture, has a degree of relaxation, and pays attention to the harmony of details. The kitchen integrating Chinese and Western kitchens meets the different dietary needs of the family, while the parent-child baking time at the weekend keeps love for a long time.

Jazz Series adopts an encircling kitchen layout, and the island extends to an integrated dining table. The integration of China and the west makes delicious food readily available. The dining side cabinet continues the free and casual style, with simple and complex storage philosophy, warm and powerful smoke green straight lines and glass, creating a romantic atmosphere of light and shadow, and enjoying an immersive experience of delicacy and taste.

The kitchen and restaurant space of Blues series takes color design as the highlight, the main color blues is calm and quiet, and the design of orange jumping color side cabinet is full of sense, which makes your meal unique. In an open pattern, cooking and dining are realized at the same time, and the dinner atmosphere is more fiery. The setting of the island platform has broadened the cooking space, and the kitchen restaurant has been less promoted and more relaxed since then. Chinese and Western kitchens can adapt freely to meet your diversified tastes. The wine cabinet pattern is arranged in an orderly manner, so that your candlelight dinner is accompanied by good wine.

Enjoy life and make every moment meaningful; Love life, full of enthusiasm for every moment; Feel life and make every corner full of quality. Let the time flow, but the heart has a certain direction. Bai kitchen is ingenious in customization, and interprets the outstanding power with excellent design and high-quality products.