Master of data asset management in home life

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the whole country has begun to implement the policy of isolation and anti epidemic. In the overall prevention and control environment, the work of leading enterprises, teams and even individuals has been affected to some extent.

In order to ensure the normal operation of work during the epidemic period, local governments also encourage enterprises to take flexible office measures such as home office, so as to promote the combination of epidemic prevention and production. In the home office environment, a large number of online working methods have been promoted, such as online clock in, online meeting and online document sharing. In addition to work, the focus of home entertainment has also changed.

Safely and quickly transfer data from the company to the home

Before working at home, some companies suggest moving office equipment to work at home, but in fact, the more important thing in the computer is the internal retained data. If you want to transfer the work data from the company's office computer quickly and safely to your home, mobile storage equipment is an essential means, which is more efficient and convenient than simply carrying the computer. In transferring office data, mobile solid-state disk has inherent advantages.

The internal storage of WD my passport accompanying SSD uses full flash storage media. The volume and weight are reduced to 45g and 100mm * 55mm * 9mm. After storing the data, it can be easily put into the pocket. With a write speed of up to 1000mb / s and a maximum storage space of 4tb, a large number of working files can be transferred quickly in a limited time, so as to win valuable time for the isolation of sudden outbreaks.

Due to the absence of high-speed rotating physical parts such as disks, the seismic capacity of hard disks has been greatly improved. In the process of transferring data from the company to the home, the storage mode of flash memory particles has higher security, which can maximize the security of internal data.

NAS personal cloud storage, which has sprung up in recent years, is also gradually known by more and more people. Individuals can also set up their own servers at home to store their family photos, videos or work files. Because NAS is a device specialized in data storage, it retains important data of the whole family or studio. If conventional mechanical hard disks are used for a long time, errors will accumulate. In addition, NAS usually uses multiple disks to form raid. Once a problem occurs in a hard disk, it will threaten the data on the whole NAS.

To ensure data security on the basis of meeting capacity requirements, it is also necessary to ensure data security from the source of the hard disk. WD red series HDDs and SSDs of Western data are optimized for NAS devices, which can report errors to the NAS master instead of continuously trying to correct and continuously unresponsive, so as to avoid being kicked off the line due to damage judged by the NAS master and affecting the whole data.

In addition, it is equipped with a vibration sensor, which can adjust the magnetic head according to the external vibration, ensure the stable flight height of the magnetic head, prevent the magnetic head from being affected by resonance, further improve the reliability of NAS equipment, and improve the security of internal data accordingly. You can safely store your family life records or work documents.

When isolated at home, the possibility of face-to-face social interaction is basically eliminated, and online video games have become an indispensable choice for daily entertainment, which can meet both relaxation and communication attributes. However, the current game is no longer the original mosaic era. The image quality pays attention to 4K HD, the equipment is rich and diverse, and can be matched at will. The map and sandbox can be explored freely, which also leads to the soaring size of game files, and the size of a 3A game easily exceeds 100GB.

At present, the memory storage space of the latest ps5 host sold on the market is only 825 GB, storing 6 or 7 recent 3A masterpieces, and the remaining space is urgent immediately. Under the long-term isolation with "month" as the unit of measurement, these games naturally can not kill the boring time during isolation. How to expand the capacity of game console equipment and increase the number of games? An external high-capacity external storage device is a good choice,

WD_ Black d30 game mobile solid state drive is a high-speed external storage device specially designed for game players. It is not only covered with a thick black metal shell, it looks full of game feeling. After connecting to the host, it can also provide up to 2TB of additional storage space. Compared with the traditional game host, it can store twice the number of original games, With more games, you can spend your leisure time at home more calmly.

And most importantly, these mobile storage devices use full flash memory particles to store data. They use the same technology as the built-in memory of the latest game console at present. The reading and writing speed can reach 900mb / s at most. Even if they are stored in the external hard disk, they can get the operation effect comparable to the built-in memory of the game console, and you can quickly enter the game state when you open the game.

In China, in addition to the host party, more game players are computer users, which is also due to the diversity of the computer itself. The computer is not only a "game console", but also an "office device", but also a "large screen display device" at home. The startup speed of the computer, the loading speed of the game and the use of daily work software will put forward higher requirements for the performance of the hard disk and want to make the computer run efficiently in a more complex environment, A high-performance solid-state drive is an essential choice.

Especially for computer players who have high requirements for the overall experience of the game and pursue the ultimate competitive enjoyment, WD_ Black sn850 nvme SSD can meet the requirements. It supports PCIe 4.0 channel and the maximum speed can reach 7000mb / s. while bringing faster response speed to the computer, it can also meet the needs of players such as faster loading of game levels and smoother experience of exquisite game works.

And WD_ The black sn850 nvme SSD is available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacity versions. It adopts a single-sided chip layout. There are four chips on the front, including one main controller, one external cache and two flash memory chips. The back is flat. It can be installed and used not only on desktop computers, but also on platforms with high space requirements such as notebook computers or - itx hosts.

Whether in the enterprise office or home environment, what remains unchanged is the value of data, which is also the most important virtual asset of individuals or enterprises. How to properly transfer and use this important asset needs to rely on efficient and reliable media storage. With consistent high-quality and diversified storage schemes, western data provides a comprehensive storage scheme for home, office and entertainment, and escorts virtual assets.