Why did Italian finillo art paint become a new favorite in the home decoration market?

As we all know, coating is a kind of chemical product, which contains many organic compounds that can participate in optical reaction, such as VOC. When the VOC in the room exceeds a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting and limb fatigue in a short time. In serious cases, they will twitch and coma, resulting in memory loss. VOC damages human liver, kidney, brain and nervous system, and even causes human blood problems, leukemia and other serious diseases.

Therefore, people have not had a good impression of the words "paint" and "paint" for a long time, but fenillo's R & D team has been trying to change people's view of paint for many years and make it more and more perfect.

1、 Authority! Finillo "French VOC a + certification"

What is the "perfect paint"? Coatings are widely used. There are different standards in different application fields. The amount of art coatings is how much, but it is the most basic common pursuit for pollution resistance, environmental protection and health. The reason why the VOC content of coating products exceeds the standard is that the resin lotion used has a high viscosity and is not easy to be adjusted. It requires a large number of organic solvents to dilute. After the coating is dried and formed into a film, all these solvents volatilize into the air, resulting in indoor air pollution.

"If you can make the resin lotion less viscous, you can reduce the amount of organic solvents and make the paint more environmentally friendly." Through repeated tests, the R & D team of fenillo has found a new synthesis method, which has increased the solid content of the resin lotion (the percentage of the weight of the residual after evaporation of the solvent in the weight of the original material) to more than 90%. The "ultra-low VOC humidity control and pollution resistant interior wall water paint structure" developed by fenillo has also passed the "French VOC a+ certification". A+ is the symbol of the highest environmental protection level in the French VOC label. In France, VOC label is a mandatory environmental label for indoor buildings to enter the market.

2、 Antifungal effect of Philo

At present, many places have clearly stipulated that the exterior wall coating with lighter and safer mass load must be adopted, and the use of ceramic tiles for decoration of the exterior wall of high-rise buildings is limited. The encouragement of the policy has brought great confidence to finillo's layout of the exterior wall coating market.

However, due to the low threshold of the coating industry, the amount of art coating, the uneven quality of products, and the low price competition, although there are many exterior wall products at present, it is embarrassing that many exterior wall coating products quickly become old, discolored and moldy within a few years of coating, especially in the humid areas of South China, mildew spots grow on the newly painted walls in less than a year, which is very destructive to the coating, Once moldy, it can quickly penetrate the coating and go deep into the wall base, resulting in difficult repair. The moldy spots also change from green to black, which greatly affects the beauty of the building exterior wall.

The effect of exterior wall coating on anti algae and anti mildew is not satisfactory, which also leads to that although the exterior wall coating has great prospects, it has no good reputation, and the products need to be improved and upgraded.

In order to solve the shortcomings and deficiencies existing in the existing technology of exterior wall coating, fenillo has prepared and developed a special anti algae and anti mildew exterior wall finish, which is made of environment-friendly lotion combined with natural inorganic fillers and various additives. Because its inorganic raw materials have unique anti algae and anti mildew characteristics, it can effectively resist algae and prevent the generation of mold spots. It is colorfast, stain resistant and easy to clean all its life. It is suitable for residential quarters, hotels, commercial buildings, villas Decoration and protection of exterior walls of libraries and other buildings.

3、 Fenillo China green products

4、 "Formaldehyde", as the main pollutant of indoor air, has been identified as a class of carcinogen by the World Health Organization (who), and many consumers "talk about aldehyde color change". In order to solve such hidden dangers and create a healthy and comfortable home environment for consumers, the R & D Department of fenillo art coating has prepared a negative ion formaldehyde purification texture coating with a formaldehyde purification rate of 85% through years of continuous research and test. Combined with the clean taste ultra-low VOC pollution resistance technology, it has been selected as China's green environmental protection products, realizing the effect of painting and living on the wall of art coating. It is a real environmental protection coating, Effectively improve the family environmental health index.

四、 Top ten brands in fenillo art coating industry

5、 Artistic texture paint can make rich wall texture effect and create a delicate and smooth feel like skin. However, after coating decoration, many consumers can't help reaching out to touch the paint, which is easy to be damaged over time.
In order to improve its durability, fenillo art paint adopts a multi-layer structure including alkali resistant sealing primer layer, texture paint layer, color art paint layer and temperature sensitive paint layer, with high hardness and strong toughness, ensuring the overall service life of wall art paint. At the same time, the texture paint layer contains antibacterial beads, and its antibacterial ability is also guaranteed. Combined with color art paint layer and temperature sensitive paint layer, it has excellent texture and ornamental, which truly makes the word "art" of art paint worthy of it.